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The Guardian's Gift Time Capsule

The Time Capsule is a transformative experience for the person who creates it and the loved ones who receive it.

The Guardian's Gift Time Capsule is a treasure trove of stories, information, pictures, and important documents. It is compiled in a deliberate way to communicate with loved ones in the future. Preparing and preserving a collection of everyday artifacts, family history, wisdom, and messages to future generations in a time capsule is an ancient and honored practice. ~Dr. Judy Butler

Dr. Judy H Butler, PsyD

Guardian's Gift Founder, Consultant, Counselor, Coach; Story Collector; Life Curator;

I know the frustration and financial worry of how to best care for aging parents while fighting the entanglement of government red tape. When my father died and I found myself standing at his casket unable to grieve because I was emotionally, physically, and financially spent, I decided there had to be a better way! I realized that planning earlier and more completely, coupled with family discussions, could go a long way to alleviate the "burden" that most seniors don't want to become. Right then and there The Guardian's Gift was born. I help families just like yours create and complete a comprehensive end of life plan and simultaneously build a beautiful life legacy.
Judy Butler

What people are saying about the Guardian's Gift

Devastation Gives Way to Relief

by RDR

“When my friend’s husband passed, she was devastated and lost. I flew in to help her and was grateful to find that they had been given the gift of The Guardians Gift Time Capsule. She had all the information she needed in one book and we drew from that book daily. In her time of grief, the last thing she needed was to become a detective and to find information. Now, thanks to the Guardians Gift, the information and stories can be passed down to his Children and Grandchildren.”

Don't Wait Until Its Too Late


“(Life) Would have been much better had several rational and compassionate talks and decisions been made before (this) health care crisis.”

Guidance in a Terrible Time


“I needed someone to give me emotional support and guide me through a difficult time in my life. The Guardian’s Gift has done that for me and so much more.”

Have the conversations BEFORE the Crisis

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