How can the Guardian’s Gift help families prepare?

Our confidential and thorough program offers proactive steps to plan ahead for your loved one’s end of life, allowing you to make informed, comfortable, peace-filled, and loving decisions.

  • Adult children are often met with crisis situations where an immediate decision is necessary, and those adult children usually feel ill prepared and wrought with emotions.

  • Dr. Judy Butler designed the Guardian’s Gift Time Capsule to save others heartache and allow them to feel well prepared for the inevitable loss of a loved one. She knows the importance of this process, because she went through the crisis of needing to make decisions while feeling ill prepared personally. Her process can help your family thoroughly plan ahead so you can focus on what is most important – saying goodbye.

  • By taking action before a crisis hits, the Guardian’s Gift can help you and your loved ones manage everything from accumulating (gathering) important information to funeral arrangements to the Last Will and Testament, and everything in between.

TGGTC Helps You With:

  • Keepsaking Memories

    We believe the end of life should be a celebration of a life well lived, and we help you preserve your loved one’s memories. Whether you choose our independent study program the Guardian’s Gift Time Capsule (GGTC) or you choose the one-on-one support of a Guardian’s Gift Doula, both programs include the collection of memories such as photographs, important information, and even interviews to honor your loved one.

  • Emotional Support

    Even though grief, sadness, and exhaustion are often hallmarks of facing the end of a loved one’s life, you can spend this time with your loved one preserving memories and celebrating your relationship. The Guardian’s Gift offers families support as they seek life balance during this challenging part of life. Let us help you navigate the planning of painful aspects in this process, including end-of-life services and emotional twists and turns.

  • Medical Explanations

    Are you worried about falls? Alarming forgetfulness? Could this be dementia or something else? Perhaps a recent medical diagnosis has left you with more questions than answers. Let us sit down with you and guide you through overwhelming choices and terminology.

  • Legal and Financial Guidance

    Maybe finances haven’t been discussed, or maybe your family needs help understanding what the big picture looks like. Or maybe you've been spending so much time reading confusing legal documents that it’s affecting other aspects of your life, like your job or your self care. Potentially you could be looking into long-term care, and not know what your options are or what actions to take next. This is a confusing and difficult place to be. The Guardian’s Gift can guide you.

  • Planning & Documentation

    That provide peace of mind Most families have some documents in place, but it’s a challenge to know everything you’ll need in advance and to organize the accumulation of important documents and information. When a critical moment happens where an immediate decision is necessary, you want to have everything in place to allow for confident and peaceful decision making. The Guardian’s Gift can give you that peace.

Course curriculum

The Guardians Gift’s offerings include emotional support, medical explanations, legal/financial guidance, step-by-step planning, proactive documentation, and more.

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    • Chapter 1: Lesson #1: Birth through Kindergarten/Age 5

    • Chapter 1: Lesson #2: School Days/Age 6 through 18

    • Chapter 1: Lesson #3: College and Career/Ages 18 through 25

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    • Chapter 2: Lesson #1: Adulting

    • Chapter 2: Lesson #2: Transitions and Acceptance

    • Chapter 2: Lesson #3: Investments and Health Concerns

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    • Chapter 3: Lesson #1: Retirement Resources

    • Chapter 3: Lesson #2: Motivating Yourself

    • Chapter 3: Lesson # 3: Before You Go...

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It's Not Too Late

Our ultimate goal is to provide peace of mind and allow you time to enjoy your loved one.