I need help with end of life planning

"I can do this alone." There are parts that you can do on your own. But do you have the time, energy, and patience to navigate through all the red tape and answer all the questions? Do you have the ability to have that difficult conversation with your loved ones about end of life plans?

What needs to be in an estate plan?

"I have a will." That is a great start but a will is only part of a complete legacy. What about the other parts: the stories, pin numbers and passwords, other legal documents, end of life plans?

What age should you make a will?

"I’m not THAT old. I’ll get around to it one of these days. After all, I’m fairly healthy." We never know when something tragic and unexpected might happen. Age is not a determinate of when or how prepared we should be.

When should someone begin end of life planning?

Surprisingly, the conversation doesn’t have to be morbid. Many people actually find their anxiety is reduced and they also gain a level of comfort to be able chat with someone about their fear and choices.

How to begin estate planning?

The Guardian’s Gift provides a guided path for you to follow. A curation guide will walk you through each step or the do it yourself version leads you through.